More about ParaCheer

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ParaCheer is a new cheerleading division for athletes with and without sensory and/or physical disabilities. Athletes work together to create adaptations, enabling all team members to perform skills and routines in new and innovative ways. Our ParaCheer team Momentum RISE will compete in June 2019, showing that disability is no barrier to competitive cheerleading.


With an ongoing tryout process, both athletes with and without disabilities are eligible to try out for Momentum RISE. All athletes trying out for ParaCheer divisions must show a positive, team-first mindset, with a willingness to adapt to new ways of doing things. ParaCheer is a separate division to existing SEN cheerleading divisions, and while athletes with learning disabilities are not excluded from ParaCheer divisions, all athletes must have the capacity to learn and memorise a full, complex cheerleading routine.

Momentum RISE train from the very basics of ParaCheer, making it the perfect opportunity for anyone to get to grips with this new division. If you are an existing cheerleader looking to get involved in ParaCheer, or someone with a disability who would like to get involved in a new sport, this is the perfect opportunity! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our ParaCheer opportunities.


Accessibility of The Old Church

As the name suggests, we’ve just moved into an old church building. Due to its age and status as a listed building, the gym currently has some accessibility issues. We’re working with ParaCheer International to improve this but, in the meantime, anyone with a disability that affects their mobility may require help entering the building. Any athletes who may require assistance with stairs, please call ahead to chat to us so that we can try to find a way to fully meet your needs.

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